May 30, 2024


JustAnotherNGirl (N=Nice)

JustAnotherNGirl is my thoughts on all things entertaining covering a wide range of topics that includes celebrity interviews, fashion and beauty, trending topics on social media, and much more. With a commitment to sign, seal and deliver to the best of my ability.

Ann Mayfield is the founder and CEO of JustAnotherNGirl.

The Short

Ann Mayfield is a retired senior with a focus on content creation. She works out of a small room with many family photos and flourishing plants that give her life

The Long

I was born in the small quaint town of Pergolaville New Jersey. The daughter of migrant workers. We moved to New Jersey in the mid-1900s to make a better living. I am one of 14 siblings that were born there. We survived many hard times but the good outweighed the bad.  

I continued to grow until I was 5’7” tall and slender. Upon high school graduation, I attended Wilford Beauty Academy to become a beautician or something in that field. Instead, I attended training courses to become a claims adjuster because that’s what you do when your bills outweigh your income. I continued doing hair on the side.

With more things happening in between. I became a mom of 2 beautiful children and 3 wonderful grandchildren.  I moved to Atlanta Ga. And started my new career as an independent claims adjuster. I decided to start this site for social interaction and educational purposes.


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