May 30, 2024

Korra Obidi Dances On Marlon Wayans & He Wasn’t Ready

Korra Obidi posted a video of herself dancing on comedian and actor Marlon Wayans and he was not ready for the jelly.

Marlon stood there like a scared five-year-old while Korra broke it down in her cute black outfit and her fire white boots.

Korra Obidi is a Nigerian-American dancer, singer, and actress who gained widespread recognition for her electrifying performance on Marlon Wayans’ hit show “Marlon” in 2018. During the show, Obidi showcased her incredible dance skills, captivating audiences with her energetic and dynamic performance.

Obidi’s performance on “Marlon” was a showcase of her unique style and skill as a dancer. She blended traditional African dance with contemporary styles, incorporating elements of hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance into her routine. Her performance was a testament to her versatility as a dancer, and she showed an incredible ability to move fluidly between different styles and rhythms.

In addition to her impressive dance skills, Obidi’s performance on “Marlon” also highlighted her charisma and stage presence. She exuded confidence and energy, commanding the attention of the audience and the show’s host with her captivating performance.

Overall, Korra Obidi’s performance on “Marlon” was a testament to her incredible talent and artistry as a dancer. Her unique style and skill set set her apart from other dancers, and her electrifying performance on the show was a true highlight of her career. She continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world with her incredible talent and passion for dance.

Watch below.

What do you think Marlon Wayans was thinking when Korra was dancing on him?

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