May 30, 2024

Poor baby

I cannot determine a specific context about the baby’s situation with the filters on her face, so I will provide a general explanation of how babies may respond to seeing filters on their faces.

Babies may become confused when they see filters on their faces in photos or videos because they are not yet familiar with how filters work. They may be used to seeing their own face as it naturally appears, and seeing it altered by a filter may be a new experience for them. This can be especially true for young babies who may not understand the concept of photos or videos yet.

When babies see themselves with filters on their faces, they may become curious and reach out to touch the screen or the filter. They may wonder why their face looks different and may even try to wipe the filter off, thinking that something is obscuring their real face.

It’s important to note that while babies may become confused or curious about filters on their faces, it’s generally harmless and part of their learning and development process. As they grow and become more familiar with technology, they will likely become more accustomed to seeing themselves with filters on their face and may even start to enjoy using filters themselves.

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